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Brew Spotlight: Wheel House IPA

When it comes to craft beer, enthusiasts are always on the lookout for something new, something that captures the essence of a place, a moment, or a lifestyle. Enter Whale Tale Brewing Company. Our rebrand from Coho Brewing Co. adds a new and exciting touch to New Jersey's craft beer scene. To celebrate the new brand, we immediately developed a new beer: our Wheel House Coastal IPA. This brew embodies the vibrant spirit of coastal living in every sip, offering a refreshing escape to those sunny days by the shore. It's a beacon of citrusy brightness and subtle herbal undertones, waiting to refresh your senses.

What sets Wheel House apart is its carefully selected blend of Centennial and Azacca hops, expertly crafted to deliver a flavor profile that's as crushable as it is flavorful. These hops, renowned for their aromatic qualities, infuse the brew with notes of citrus and tropical fruits, reminiscent of lazy days spent under the sun.

But what truly makes Wheel House shine is its balance. With a light ABV, this Coastal IPA is not only easy to drink but also perfectly calibrated to deliver a harmonious blend of flavors. Whether you're kicking back after a day of surfing, grilling with friends by the shore, or simply enjoying the laid-back vibes of coastal living, Wheel House is the ideal companion.

Whale Tale Brewing Company has captured the essence of their coastal roots with Wheel House Coastal IPA. It's more than just a beer; it's a celebration of sun, sea, and the simple joys of life by the water. Cheers to coastal living, one sip at a time!


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